FPD- Future Product Design


Major business activity of company Future Product Design a.s. (FPD), after foundation in 1990, was telecommunication technology. In 1996, in area of telecommunication, FPD focused from telephone exchange and office equipment on investment technology for operators of mobile networks. Except of equipment deliveries, FPD offers also services connected, e.g. with replacement of technology in base stations.

Development capacity of company was also concentrated on research and development of means for health care and safety of persons in the frame of their sport activities and monitoring of health conditions and safety of persons endangered in health or requiring personal protection. Auxiliary devices to mobile phones enable additional functions, e.g. automatic call on preset number in case of emergency etc.

FPD is also focused on research and development of signal devices for safer making use of crossings for pedestrians. Such devices invite pedestrians to participation on signaling, waiting for stop of vehicles before setting foot on crossing and realization that pedestrian has no absolute right of way on crossing. These devices are contribution to safety of crossings, to reduction of accidents of pedestrians on crossings.