FPD- Future Product Design

Company Profile

Future Product Design a.s. (FPD), Czech company limited by shares, was found in 1990 as sister company of Future Product Design Corp., company of the same name in New York, USA. The main orientation of company, after the foundation, was telecommunication technology, small and big telephone exchanges and also office equipment as copying and fax machines, printers. In the years 1996-2000 company took part in construction of more than 200 GSM base stations for local or abroad operators. The main activity is import, export, sale, installation and manufacturing of equipment of telecommunication technology. During the last years FPD was also involved in research and development of new products in the area of health care and road traffic safety and is widening its assortment for warning signals at road crossing for pedestrians. New products are protected by set of patents. We are offering the long-term experience with foreign trade and logistics connected with it to Czech companies having successful products and are interested in dealing on foreign markets.